Details for the Special Interest Groups for  2017 - 2018 

Please note : Keep an eye on the CCC News page for any changes or updates.

Calgary Camera Club Photographs from 2017 - 2018 Club Year.

25 Sep - 2017

Strobepro - flash photography - equipment and setup

13 Nov - 2017

Lee Nordbye 

26 Feb - 2018

Dave Chidley - People / Places / Photojournalism

My secret to good photography has always been P.P.P. while my presentation title follows the alphabetical formula, my students quickly will learn that for me the three P's stand for Practice, Practice, Practice.  With my presentation, People / Places / Photojournalism, I want to show you how I manage these topics and combine the subject matter with Design and Composition skills to work efficiently and quickly. So hopefully I can help you get past those "10,000 worst" practice photos more quickly, and to inspire you to try some of my techniques. I hope you will take from my presentation, ideas, inspiration and the confidence to make your own great People photos happen!

-I will share with you approaches for effectively dealing with People, be it Portraiture, or travel Street Photography.
-How people photography will enhance your repertoire of subject material
-We will explore why when we travel our photos are usually more memorable, and how to achieve that at home
-I'll take you on a bit of a journey through some of my evolving 30+ year Photojournalism career, concentrating on favourite "moments" and emphasizing "how I work" more than what I've done.
-Throughout the evening the underlying theme will be: Photography for the Joy of it. Getting out, going away and making good photos!
-I will introduce you to my latest adventures in Travel Photography.

29 Jan -2018

Mike Dolling/Ric Matkowski - LIGHTROOM From Camera to Export

In a continuing response to members comments and desires put forward in the club survey conducted last Feb, the next SIG meeting will address LIGHTROOM and take you through the full work process including how to import from your flash card or camera direct, file structure/keywording, global & local editing features including some hidden options and then how to export for competition, the internet, FB, Instagram or email.

Two screens will be showing an exemplary presentation and the other a live demonstration.

For those that work on a laptop, please consider bringing it and your card reader with card loaded with new images. You'll be able to work along should you wish.

For those that work on a desk top, we hope that the live presentation will help you.

Even if you are not a Lightroom user, we hope that you will still find value in the editing demonstration.

Construction questions and comments by all on the evening should provide for a very informative and fun time with fellow evening exploring the process and editing capabilities of Lightroom

12 Mar - 2018

Brian Calkins of "onsightphoto' and an evening on sports photography and the art of composition plus general photography tips & tricks

23 Apr - 2018

Bob Cook of Branded Visuals and getting your images ready for print and the art of printing photographs on various media.