Competition Rules
Calgary Camera Club – Digital Photo Competition Rules 

Purpose of Digital Photo Competitions

The Calgary Camera Club (CCC) will hold five digital photo competitions in each club year for the purpose of teaching photographic skills to members in manageable and measurable increments until they are effective and comfortable enough with photography as a medium of communication to convey a message, emotion or behavior utilizing their own creativity and unique perspectives.

Competition Themes

All competitions have a theme. See Competition Schedule 

Competition Categories 

Five different skill levels are recognized in the club. Members new to photography will start in CCC_Level1 and progress through the different levels based on the points and criteria set out in the table below. Members new to the club, but experienced in photography are encouraged to submit 10 digital photographs to the competition chair. Submitted photographs will be evaluated based on the criteria set out below and new members invited to start competition participation in a level matching the skills exhibited in their submitted photographs.

New Level Criteria and Point System 2018 - 2019

◦ Level 1 - 2: 15 points
◦ Level 2 - 3: 30 points
◦ Level 3 - 4: 45 points
◦ Level 4 - 5: 100 points (this elite level will open after 5 club members meet requirements)

◦ 1 point for Acceptance
◦ 2 points for Honorable mention
◦ 3 points for a win

Submission Guidelines
A member is allowed to submit no more than two digital photos to any competition.
An image entered into one club competition cannot be entered again into another club competition.
Images submitted to a competition must be owned and made by the member who submits the digital photos.
Images depicting frontal nudity, pornography, or unacceptable violence are not allowed.
The Board of Directors has the right to refuse an image on an exception basis if any of the above rules are not followed. In the event of a refusal, the submitting member will be informed with an explanation and will be allowed to submit another image to the competition.

All submissions must be;

  • All submissions must be:
    • no more than two images per competition
    • in jpeg format of maximum image quality
    • maximum horizontal size of 1400 pixels
    • maximum vertical size of 1050 pixels
    • maximum file size of 1.8 MB
    • converted to the sRGB colour space
    • email your images as attachments to

File Naming Convention

Name your files in the following format;


[CCC_COMPETITION_LEVEL] = the level in which you are participating; either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Again, a SINGLE digit number.
[PHOTO_NUMBER] = 1 or 2. Again, a SINGLE digit number
[CCC_MEMBERSHIP_NUMBER] = must be a THREE DIGIT number, e.g. “ 051” for member 51

     Example: 4_2_999.Jpeg



A person(s) from the club members can volunteer to organize the competition for a club year. This person(s), however, is not allowed to judge them to ensure the process is as unbiased as possible.

In addition, the person(s) must submit the combined scores and results to the judges for verification.

Each competition has 4 segments: Submission, Judging, Critiquing and Announcement of the Results, and Progress Updates.


Competition dates and deadlines will be published on the club website.
For example:
Competition Number: 3
Judging Timeline: Mar 1 to Mar 15
Announcement of the Results: April 5
Submissions are to be made as directed in the Competition rules.


Judging: Members will receive a notification on our Club Facebook Group site when the timeline for judging begins but are also encouraged to check the EVENTS CALENDAR and Competition Schedule on our club website at

For the current year, judging is done by one internal judge and two external judges. The results and an average of the three judges. The internal judge will be a club member who has been trained as such and when judging a competition will not be allowed to submit photos in that particular competition.

Any submissions for judging after the judging timeline has closed will not be accepted.

The person(s) organizing the competition will tally the results weighting the marks to represent 1/3 for each of the experienced judges. Based on the results the person organizing the competition will determine the accepted entries, honourable mention entries and winner for each level.

The person(s) organizing the competitions in any club year will not submit images for a competition.


Critiquing and announcement of the results
The competition results will be announced at the first club competition meeting after the judging has closed.
All competition entries will be shown in a slideshow format indicating the accepted entries, honourable mention entries, and winner for each level.
Experienced photographer club members (preferably, but not necessarily the 2 experienced judges from 5.2) will critique all competition entries as displayed in the slideshow format.


Progress Updates
The person(s) organizing the competition results will assign points to each competition participant as follows:
Each club “Acceptance” (top 50% of group entry) = 1 points
Each “Honourable Mention” (top 25 % of group entry) = 2 points
Winner = 3 points

In case there are 5 or less entries per category, the “Winner” will be the same as the “HM” (and only receive 3 points) and the second place will be awarded an “Acceptance” Mark and receive 2 points. Results of “Acceptance” and “HM” can only be awarded to entries rating more than 6/10.

Appendix 1 shows a table with examples of how this system will be implemented for different numbers of entries.
Competition results will be incorporated in a member database and members who have earned enough points to complete a level will be congratulated and notified to continue competing in the next category.


Overall yearly Winners

At the end of the club year the members who have accumulated the most points in the club year will receive recognition.