2022 - 2023 Speakers


September 21, 2022
7 pm MST


Julian Elliott who is joining us via zoom from the European country of France will kick off the first of five amazing speakers during the 2022-2023 season of the Calgary Camera Club. Julian will be taking us on a photographic adventure with his talk titled "Journey to the end of the World – The Fjords of Patagonia"


November 02, 2022
7 pm MST


Where will our photographic journey take us next? Did I hear someone say, Africa?
Joining us from Morocco, British-born Darren Lewey will be presenting a two-part presentation on the following topics:

Shooting a Landscape for the First Time to Get Great Images

Displaying landscapes from Morocco, Spain, and Switzerland taken in 2016 & 2017. The presentation will provide a checklist for club photographers to use on location to go about getting high-quality work from a first-time visit.

The talk will cover:
Balancing planning whilst keeping an open mind.
Technical approaches.
Adjusting your approach to suit conditions.
Compositional strategies.

Making Portraits of Strangers

Capturing standout location portraits is perhaps one of the most challenging areas of photography. However, a highly rewarding one when accomplished well. Found portraiture as opposed to studio work is really about thinking on your feet when working with lighting, background, pose, and message. The history of portrait photography follows our very move especially when we raise the camera to capture someone from another culture. Understanding how to represent someone faithfully but with photographic charm is a dance of interpersonal skills and technique.


January 08, 2022
3 pm MST


Cozy up with a warm mug of hot chocolate on this special Sunday presentation this winter, as we are joined by Royal Photographic associate member Chris Upton. Joining us live from the UK, Chris's talk "The Way I See It" will push your photographic thoughts on how we see a picture beyond just composition.


February 01, 2023
7 pm MST


Our photographic journey has taken us to Europe and Africa but now we return to North America. This time we are heading to the Canadian province of Quebec and into a world of imagination. Joining us will be Jason Michael Beland who takes mind-blowing photos using a mixture of models and toys. He will be sharing insights into his unique world that combines precision, artistry, film history, and pop culture references.

March 01, 2023
7 pm MST


Our final speaker for the 2022/23 season will be joining us from the land down under. Australian artist Jane Long combines photography and photo manipulation to create slightly surreal images that straddle the line between reality and fantasy. Join us as we learn more about her work.

Virtual Speaker Series