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Images - Competition #4 - Street Photography - 17 March, 2021
Our mission:
Welcome to the Calgary Camera Club

To expand the photographic knowledge of our club members.

Through our programs, resources, and CAPA association, we will assist our club members to become better photographers.

There will be no age restrictions.

In this friendly community of photographers, we will have all skill levels.  

We will encourage all members to help each other develop their photography skills.

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Given the continuing pandemic, the Calgary Camera Club will hold virtual club meetings and plan to do so until at least January 2021.   

Our ability to return to physical meetings will continue to be evaluated given current guidelines set out by Provincial Medical and Legislative authorities.

Level 2

Acc Graeme Kershaw
Acc  Marina Tom
Acc  David Miller
Acc  David Miller
HM   Mary-Anne Sharpe

Winner  Marina Tom

Level 3

Acc  Donna Boulanger
Acc  Donna Boulanger
Acc  Joe Horler
Acc  Terry Lende
Acc  Paul Chui
HM  Marilyn Coulter
HM  Don Chudzy

HM  Diana Horler

Winner  Paul Chui

Level 4

Acc  Joan Tulissi
Acc  Edward Forbes (entered in wrong level).
HM  Tom Lewis

HM  Edward Forbes (entered in wrong level).

Winner  Tom Lewis